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When we live in a world where you can access free content of naked consenting women in less than 5 seconds, why are people still invading the privacy of non-consenting women for nudes?

Hint: It has something to do with people feeling entitled to making any woman their personal porn, even if it violates or humiliates her in the process.

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Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time:


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A summer of Disneybounds.

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The Happiest Place on Earth!

Go to Disneyland and you’re bound to encounter some of the cheerful be-suited Disney characters wandering around, embracing children, dancing for your amusement and generally setting a friendly, whimsical tone for the park. You can shake hands with Goofy, play fetch with Pluto, waltz with Donald Duck and take precious photos with Mickey and Minnie, photos that you’ll cherish forever.

Not So Happy:

Up until 2001, Disneyland workers weren’t allowed to bring their own underwear when they were in character, because normal underwear tended to bunch up and become visible under the costume. Kind of like how some models don’t wear panties on the runway, except less “exotic and sexy” and more “destructive of your innocence and everything the concept of childhood represents.”

Instead, cast members were issued company jock straps, cycling shorts or tights, which they had to hand in at the end of every day to be washed with their costumes. Of all the perks you can get pre-faced by the word “company,” “jock strap” really falls short—way below “company car” or “company jet”! 

The next day the workers would pick up a new set of briefs, silently curse the God that abandoned them long ago, slip on their shared underwear and spend the next eight hours humiliating themselves for the amusement of sunburnt children.

and here is where this story comes in "THE Halloween HORROR OF IT ALL" Over a period of two years, three different costumed actors caught scabies or pubic lice from their communist thongs.

It’s common practice in dance/theatre shows for wardrobe to provide the ENTIRE costume from underwear out.  As stated, the wrong underwear can ruin the look of a costume.  But in theatre the wardrobe staff label and sort out the clean underwear back to its owners! 

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British Tumblr Posts photoset #2

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A classic novel isn’t good because it’s a classic, rather it is a classic because it was important to the development of the art. And that certainly doesn’t mean that any given person, on any given day, will enjoy reading it. It means that, as a writer, I should be aware of what the classic novel changed in the historical progression of novel story telling. Some classics are pretty terrible, even unreadable, but they are still important.

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Images of Jenna Coleman and guest star Tom Riley from the next episode of Doctor Who series 8- ‘Robot of Sherwood’